Sports Dentistry

What is Sports Dentistry?

Sports Dentistry is the treatment and prevention of oral/facial athletic injuries and related oral diseases and manifestations.  With an increase in the number of children and adults participating in a number of sporting activities the challenge is to maximize participation while minimizing injury.  Inherently with an increase of sporting participation comes an increase of associated injury.  Here at Back Bay Family Dentistry we strongly believe that the key to reducing the number of sports related oral/facial injuries is prevention.  We encourage all of our patients to under go “preseason screenings” or examinations to prevent any potential problems.  Exams include an update to your health history, diagnosis of cavities, broken fillings or any other broken or failing restorations, at risk teeth, loose teeth, bite relation, orthodontics, teeth that may need to be extracted, and wisdom teeth. During this exam we also determine the need and type of athletic mouth guard which we strongly advise all of our athletic patients to wear for the prevention of traumatic injury.  Here at Back Bay Family Dentistry we want to help you maintain that beautiful smile.

woman running