Restore Your Smile with Durable, Lifelike Dental Crowns

Laughing man in pink button-up shirtDental crowns are something you probably don’t think about much - until you need one. If you suffer from a damaged or missing tooth, an experienced dentist can provide you with a dental crown to fully restore your healthy smile. Since 1984, the dentists at Back Bay Family Dentistry have provided durable, natural-looking dental crowns to patients in the Biloxi, MS, area and surrounding communities. Dr. Jeremy W. Parker and Dr. Steven K. Miner offer beautiful IPS e.max®, porcelain, and zirconia dental crowns. In many cases, we can provide patients with same-day crowns for immediate restoration. To make an appointment and learn more about your candidacy for a dental crown, contact Back Bay Family Dentistry in D’Iberville today.

About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps used to support and cover a broken, misshapen, weakened, or discolored tooth. The tooth may be severely decayed or suffered trauma in an accident. Sometimes an old, failing filling can cause a tooth to crack or stain. A painful, infected tooth can often be treated with a combination of root canal therapy and a dental crown, allowing the patient to avoid extraction and preserve a valuable, natural tooth.

If a tooth does require extraction or falls out, a crown attached to a dental implant can replace the tooth and restore full function. Crowns are also used to support a dental bridge, a prostheses made of one or more fake teeth that fills in gaps in your smile caused by tooth loss. The crowns anchor the bridge, or partial denture, to provide a secure fit. When attached to dental implants, which serve as artificial roots for the new teeth, durable dental crowns are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Custom Crowns to Meet Your Needs

At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we offer the highest quality dental crowns, including both traditional and implant-supported restorations. Depending on the individual case and patient preference, we can use IPS e.max®, traditional porcelain, or zirconia materials.

Using the latest technologies in dentistry, we can create porcelain crowns right in our office, allowing you to complete your dental work in a single appointment. In some cases, including the fabrication of a zirconia crown, an expert lab may create your restoration. Zirconia is a relatively new substance used in dentistry, and is considered the most durable available. Its luminous, translucent quality makes it especially useful since it mimics the aesthetics of natural tooth enamel.

All of our custom crowns will blend beautifully with your teeth, resist staining and chipping, and last for decades with proper care. Drs. Miner or Parker will make a personalized recommendation and provide you with all the information you need to choose the right type of crown. In the case that a portion of your total treatment cost is not covered by insurance, financing is offered through CareCredit℠.

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