Maintain a Beautiful, Healthy Smile with General
and Restorative Dental Care

Dental Implants

Smiling couple in blue and grayBeautiful teeth and a strong, functional bite make a world of difference to your overall well-being. At Back Bay Family Dentistry, Drs. Steven K. Miner and Jeremy W. Parker can create custom implant-supported restorations to rejuvenate your oral health and zest for life. We can design dentures, dental crowns, and bridges for implants, which replace the roots of missing teeth with tiny titanium posts. Immediate or temporary appliances are available for some patients.

Dental Crowns

Laughing man in pink button-up shirtWe offer high-quality porcelain and zirconia crowns to restore missing or damaged teeth. A dental crown can strengthen and protect a tooth following root canal therapy, or crowns may be used to support a dental bridge. Using the latest dentistry techniques, we can craft beautiful, durable crowns right in our office for same-day restoration. We also create custom dental crowns to restore dental implants.

Dental Bridges

Three women smiling and standing close togetherMissing teeth negatively affect your overall quality of life, impacting your appearance, speech, and ability to enjoy your favorite meals. A dental bridge replaces lost teeth, so you can look and feel your best again. We can restore your smile with a fixed or removable dental bridge made of beautiful, long-lasting materials. We also create bridges secured by dental implants, the ultimate restoration for missing teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

Frowning woman inspecting tooth in mirrorWhen a damaged tooth requires more protection than a traditional filling can provide, our dentists often recommend inlays and onlays. These high strength resins are bonded onto the biting surface (inlays) or extend over the cusps (onlays), increasing the strength of the tooth by 75 percent. We might also use durable porcelain materials, which are milled in our office to create a natural appearance that lasts for decades.

Dental Fillings

 Smiling man piggybacking woman in parkAt Back Bay Family Dentistry, our dentists fill cavities with mercury-free, tooth-colored resin. Increasingly, many patients are choosing to replace old amalgam (silver) filings with composite fillings for aesthetic and health reasons. Silver fillings can expand and contract over time, creating tiny cracks in the tooth’s structure. Tooth-colored fillings add strength while maintaining a beautifully natural look.

Dental Sealants

Woman with short blond hair posing outside next to bikeDental sealants prevent decay, giving your child a head start on keeping their teeth in top condition for life. Adults who are prone to cavities can also benefit from this simple procedure. Dental sealants coat the biting surfaces of the back teeth with naturally colored acrylic, which protects enamel from plaque and destructive acids. The application takes just minutes and the benefits can last for years.


Smiling man in long-sleeved shirt crossing arms and sitting on couchIf you are missing most or all of your teeth, dentures can restore function and beauty to your smile. Several denture options are available at our practice, including restorations that securely attach to dental implants. We offer conventional dentures and immediate dentures, which are fabricated for placement right after teeth are extracted. Well-fitting dentures also provide support for cheeks and lips to preserve a youthful appearance.